Under-Cabinet TV Mounts: what you need to know

There was a time when people would never have thought of having a television set in their kitchen or in their office, but those days are gone. Nowadays, thanks to a combination of special mounts and ultra-thin televisions, you can literally have a television in any room and when you’re not watching it, hide it from sight, assuming you are using an under-cabinet TV mount.

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Ultra-Slim TV Mounts & LED TVs: A Perfect Match

Anyone who has been following technology knows the current trend for televisions is that thinner is better. With each passing year, televisions become thinner than the year before. Naturally, the less space a television takes up, the more room it gives you in your home. However, at one time, the mounts needed for an LED TV were three times as thick as the television itself, which defeated the purpose of having an ultra-thin television. The new generation of Ultra-Slim TV mounts & LED TVs combines form and function in one dynamic package.

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Installing a TV Wall Mount? Here’s How You Find the Wall Studs

Now that you’ve got your flat screen television, all you need to do is mount that beauty on the wall and everything will be fine. However, before you grab your electric screwdriver and stick a couple of screws on the wall, you’d better know what you’re doing. Otherwise, that beautiful new flat screen television on the wall will quickly become the less-than-beautiful pile of broken flat screen television pieces on the floor.

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Introduction to TV Wall Mounts by Arrowmounts

Are you in the market for a television mount but find yourself confused with the various options available? By now you’ve probably noticed that there are several types of TV mounts from which you can choose. Each type of television mount is suited for a different home theater application. In this post we present you with a video that we made to review the various types of TV mounts. We also go into more detail about each type of mount so you can get a better understanding of these products and hopefully make an informed TV mount purchase. Continue reading

Understanding HDMI Cables

More often you might be seeing the term “HDMI cable” on flat screen televisions and computer monitors. “What is a HDMI cable?” is a question that can often be heard in various electronic stores and departments.

To understand what is a HDMI cable, you need to remember the old RCA cables, which usually had a red tip, a yellow tip, and a white tip. These three cables plugged into television sets and delivered both a picture and sound. The HDMI cable does the same thing, but without using three cables. It only needs one cable and it delivers superior sound and visual quality.

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The Latest with Version 1.4a HDMI Specification

If you’re curious about what’s new about Version 1.4a HDMI specification, there really isn’t a whole lot of change to be found between Version 1.4 and Version 1.4a. For the uninitiated, HDMI is the abbreviation for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, which is a fancy way of saying that it’s an interface between an HDMI-compliant device to a digital audio/video device or monitor. It allows the use of a single cable to transmit data, as opposed to multiple cables for transmitting data and video and audio separately.

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